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  • “Where chiropractic truly excels is in the ability to actually improve performance. It’s through the full use of the nervous system that peak performance can be achieved. And chiropractic is the only form of care available to realign the spinal column.” By Leonari

  • Injuries amongst athletes can be due to a number of factors, for example, accidents or falls, improper fitting of equipment, muscle weaknesses and imbalances, lack of hydration and conditioning, poor training practices, improper warm up and cool down, muscle fatigue, biomechanic imbalances or insufficient healing time of an previous injury, heat exhaustion and fatigue, or the athlete didn’t acclimate the body properly. So how does an athlete benefit from chiropractic and injury prevention? Chiropractic has been shown to enhance an athlete’s peak performance by specifically identifying the body’s mechanical malfunctions and misalignments. It imperative to identify and address these weaknesses and imbalances to prevent re-injury and future injuries. This will allow the athlete attain his or hers peak performance.