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Dr. Gerson, M.D. once said “It is the doctor’s duty to activate and re-activate the body’s own healing mechanism.”

This is achieved by CHIROPRACTIC physical medicine. Releasing the nervous system free of misalignments empowers the body’s immune system, nervous system, circulatory system and musculoskeletal system.

Spine Team Chiropractic specializes in chiropractic joint manipulative therapy with an emphasis in sports injuries, injury prevention, and physiotherapy rehabilitation. Our goal is to address the patient’s neuromusculoskeletal weaknesses by identifying their musculoskeletal imbalances, biomechanic imbalances, as well as any segmental and peripheral joint misalignments to help mitigate future injuries.

Spine Team Chiropractic is owned and operated by Dr. Christina M. Lujan. As an athlete and clinician, Dr. Lujan understands the frustration of being sidelined by an injury. Spine Team Chiropractic assists their patients to achieving their goals through chiropractic adjustments, physiotherapy rehabilitation, and strengthening their neuromusculoskeletal system.